The Grace Writers - A Novel

The Grace Writers, explores the idea that God may remove us from comfort to lead us to contentment.

Claire Baldwin’s world has spun out of control. Her parents died in a car accident and her church rejected her—or maybe she dumped them. Her last child is leaving for college and she’s moving away from her hometown to Walters Bluff—a po-dunk town where her husband is the new police chief.

She tries to leave grief behind, but it sticks to her like a sock to a pant leg. A century-old journal, precious new neighbors and unlikely friendships help her adjust to her new life in Walters Bluff. On Tuesday mornings, Claire joins a group of gray-haired church ladies with an endless supply of stories, served with a side of Ella Mae’s scones. The Grace Writers remind her that she loved to write, once upon a time. In spite of Claire’s resistance, Walters Bluff sneaks into her heart. 

But tragedy sends Claire right back where she started—smack in the middle of grief. In a small town, rumors spread like a smear in a petri dish, vile and ugly. How will Claire and Walters Bluff heal from the devastation of grief, gossip, deceit and squandered time? With an extra large helping of grace.

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